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Lumax Design is the culmination of over 30+ years of jewelry design and manufacturing experience.                                                                                            LUMAX DESIGN has the mission of enabling clients to drive cost down with effective web-based solutions.

LUMAX DESIGN has the goal :

  • To facilitate global trade with worldwide buyers;
  • To provide accurate and dependable information to global buyers;
  • To help buyers communicate and do business effectively and efficiently.

We are the number one online jewellery store, providing buyers with jewellery from the affordable jewellery class to the luxurious jewel class.

 Hit the button on LUMAX DESIGN. There is always something brilliant from our collection to pick from.

 To every esteemed customer of LUMAX DESIGN, for quality assurance purposes and to serve you better, we are assuring customers a full refund of any purchase type. 

This initiative is to ensure that all customers are reassured of their orders, and ensure we maintain our standard of pro delivery.

Welcome to, a world of classic and modern jewellery.